Better for you.
Better for the planet.

Nabati Foods Inc. was founded by two passionate partners as a family owned food technology business out of love for clean whole natural plant-based foods.

Our Values

The Planet

We take an A – Z post-sustainable approach, encompassing everything from how we source our ingredients to our packaging to the final experience for the customer.

The Animals

We honour our commitment to animals by focusing on a multitude of plant-based alternatives, delivering incredible taste that you can feel good about eating.

The Body

Accessible to all we provide healthier, tastier choices that fit with dietary requirements, no matter what they may be.

Nabati at

Sustainable great tasting food for all.

With the world rapidly changing around us our message has evolved, moving from sustaining the state of the planet to changing the way we do things, healing, repairing, rebuilding the planet by evaluating way we eat, what we eat and our purchasing choices. We call this approach post-sustainable

We aim to educate and innovate.

Awareness and perception are part of our journey in changing how people see plant based foods. As a thought leader in the space and through our holistic and natural approach, we’re delivering taste and variety to an eager audience globally.

Inclusive and accountable.

Nabati looks to participate in environmentally green projects, practices and innovations. We are a socially conscious brand; through our actions we will be more than our products and bigger than our brand.