We're driving the food evolution. Be apart of the growth.

The market is in the early stages of incredible growth and our proven business model positions us at the forefront, making now the right time to invest.

High consumer demand

Consumers are demanding healthier whole natural plant-based foods as they become more health conscious. 

Legacy foods are no longer an option for consumers and the US retail market is showing this.

Total growth of all Plant-Based Foods in retail

Three year Plant-Based Foods dollar sales

Our diversified product line is growing.

We’re aiming for global reach, creating alternative products across categories including dairy, eggs, meat, desserts, and more.

Our products share unique processing steps, equipment, and ingredients that allow us to develop, commercialize, and scale very quickly at low cost to prove concept and generate sales to support further investment.

Products developed are developed for retail and foodservice in order to diversify revenue streams.

Distribution & Sales

We’re aiming for global reach.

Our efforts have traction, placing our brand and product in multiple retail and foodservices in the US market. We plan to expand sales globally, reaching more consumers.

We’re intensely proud of our current line-up of plant-based cheese, cheesecakes and meat with so much more to come.

Partner with industry leaders

Cobs Bread

Now using Nabati Cheeze on Pizza at all 140 locations in Canada

Perogy Co.

Launched Retail Vegan Perogie using Nabati Cheddar Cheeze


Switched from using Daiya to Nabati Cheddar Cheeze in Perogie. 


Launched Nation Wide LTO adding Nabati Cheeze on the menu. 

We are currently in major distribution centers across North America and

Over 150 Independent US Retailers

Food Service

Former Mars Canada CEO Joins Nabati Foods as Executive Chairman of the Board.

Nabati Foods, a food-tech plant based company has appointed the former CEO and President of Mars Canada, Don Robinson to its Board.

We are Nabati

Founded by two passionate partners out of love for clean whole natural plant-based foods, and led by a strong management team with years’ experience. We hope to inspire those who value their health to indulge in real, clean, plant-based foods for a nourished, sustainable and compassionate life.